Mobile Application Development Trends for 2015

More and more companies are embracing mobile application development as a means of boosting the technological infrastructure in their operations. Mobile apps are being used to drive sales, boost customer service and to market products. It provides new channels through which companies can push their products to the marketplace. In the last few years, the mobile app market has also matured considerably in terms of the multiplicity of devices through which businesses can now run the mobile apps and reach even wider audiences with products and services. It is, therefore, the right time to hire a professional mobile application development company that can assist you in tapping into this vast market and leveraging the tools in order to grow your business.

Not all apps are destined for success. Some will fail even at the conceptualization phase if you fail to accurately read the market. When building mobile apps, it is important to work with a mobile application development company that is in tune with current market trends and can, therefore, build a mobile app that will deliver good performance for your company. Here are some of the main trends that you should look out for when it comes to building mobile apps in 2015:

Rapid Development

The newest trend in mobile app development is shorter development cycles in order to meet the high demand for mobile apps by both enterprises and consumers. The time frames from the brainstorming to the launch of the apps are getting shorter by the day and every enterprise now demands a mobile application development company that can roll out the apps faster.

They are Cloud-Driven

With the ubiquity of cloud technology and the numerous advantages that it offers to business enterprises, today’s mobile apps must be cloud-driven. There is the need for the ability to integrate and sync the apps with multiple devices. With cloud integration, the apps can be accessed on multiple devices while still delivering similar functions, data as well as features.

App Security

Enterprises are increasingly concerned about the security of mobile apps now that these apps are playing an increasingly important role in the business. Hackers are now exploiting the security gaps in these apps and companies have a greater incentive in order to ensure the integrity of sensitive information on the apps.

Location Based Wi-Fi services

This is another popular trend in mobile application development. With many online services now offering location-based targeting, it is important to have an app that is location-aware and which can target users on the go.

Big Data and App Analytics

As the app market grows, business enterprises now have the need to track the performance of their apps and look for ways of optimizing them for even greater performance. As a result, big data and app data analytics has become very critical in app development.

In-app advertising and purchasing

There is an increase in mobile app advertising expenditures as well as in-app purchases which bodes well for many business enterprises.

App marketing

App marketing has evolved considerably over the past few years. Many business enterprises now need a mobile application development company that will not just build good apps but also come up with effective marketing strategies to take the app to the market.

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